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Providing you with keys to the Universe



Have life-long questions answered and Healing from your High Self or Subconscious through a deep state of hypnosis. Level 2 QHHT Practitioner.

In this Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique session

-        Relate your life story.

-        Record the hypnosis session (approx. 2 hours)

-        Explore a different existence (ex. past life).

-        Body scan - healing by higher self

-        Post hypnosis discussion


Each individualized session is approximately 4-6 plus hours long.
Fee $400: 1/2 at time of booking, remainder in cash or via PayPal at time of appointment. Deposit is refundable up to two weeks before appointment.

Spiritual Counseling

Clients can expect to discover more about themselves.  It is through the understanding and acceptance of self that individuals can progress, and feel better.

As an intuitive, and with a  background in both psychology/counseling and spirituality, Elaine combines decades of practice to assist her clients emotionally, spiritually, and mentally to navigate current life’s challenges. These challenges may illuminate fears or traumas which today’s demands magnify.  There is also an energetic healing component to the session at the end.


Hypnosis (not QHHT) - Regression, Trauma Recovery, Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss | Tarot Readings | Intuitive Readings | Mediumship | Reiki | Shamanic Healing Angel Essence Healing | Energy Healing | Channeling


Distance Energy Healing and Channeling Options Available


Rev. Elaine can work with  the other realms to assist energy healing on the mental, emotional, physical or emotional planes.


In Person: (Reiki/Shamanic/Angel Essence Healing)

Working with the Chakras, Rev. Elaine adjusts energy flow through the body. At times, crystals will also be used in the healing process.  The healing session is completed with the smudging of the client.

Counseling can be done in person ( if you live near Jaffrey, NH), through Facetime, Messenger, Zoom, or WhatsApp if you reside out of the physical area.

The hourly rate is $60.

Abstract Linear Background
Abstract Linear Background

Crystal Bed

Give yourself the gift of experiencing the Brazilian Crystal Bed which combines crystal, light, color and sound therapies concurrently.  $35/20 minutes: appointment  necessary - only in person. 16 Coll's Farm Rd., Jaffrey,NH .


Workshops Coming Soon


Rev. Elaine San Soucie, a veteran hypnotist, will guide you to and through a previous existence.  The relaxation the client will experience will be profound.

 She has been a member of National Guild of Hypnotists since 2010.  Additionally, she is a graduate of the Weiss Institute of Hypnosis and  Level 2 QHHT practitioner.

 In-person: March 19,2023 1-3pm, Life Path Fellowship,

16 Coll's Farm Rd., Jaffrey, NH. $30 at door

Connecting with Spirit

What messages do we receive from the unseen world?

 In what form may they come to us?

 How can we detect intuition? (How can we make it’s presence felt ‘stronger’?)

What does it mean to be psychic?

What are the ‘clairs’?


General Spirituality


             What are they?

             Where are they?     

              What do they do?

  How do they connect with vibration/sound/frequency?






Mediumship and Channeling

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