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Today, Elaine San Soucie talked about a process called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) originally developed by Dolores Cannon in 1968.  For anyone who is interested in learning more about this and having a session with Elaine please contact her.  It really is healing and life changing.

I recently had a session with Elaine and I am so glad I did. She was very professional and provided a safe and relaxing environment. Prior to the session a little prep work had to be done and Elaine gave clear instructions on what I needed to do prior to the session and what I needed to bring the day of the session.

Before the session was started we discussed why I was there and what my concerns were and what my goals were. The first part of the session was the most surprising and where the most healing occurred. I discovered blocks where I didn't even know I had blocks it was very revealing and healing at the same time. 

Kelly E.

Manchester, NH

Elaine is a hidden gem! I went to see her for a QHHT session, and the experience was incredible. Elaine was so easy to talk to, and clearly has a lot of experience working with people in many different ways.  I was guided through a profound past life experience, and was able to get some questions answered and energies cleared through my super-conscious.

After my session I noticed my connection with myself and spirit to be heightened. I feel more aware and have noticed quite a few synchronicities to validate my experience while under hypnosis. I encourage anyone reading this to try a session with Elaine - you will not be disappointed! I am grateful to have found a talented healer, and I look forward to trying out some of thee other modalities she offers.

Danielle J.

New Ipswich, NH

After coming to QHHT, what I expected to get out of it ended up to be something completely different. What I did receive was the recognition and awareness of the blocks that have been keeping me back, and what needed to surface in order for me to process those blocks.  Elaine was able to hold the space for me in order to clear that out so that I was able to connect more deeply into my true self and to be to gain access to my High Self to answer the long-standing questions that I’ve had.

Jackie K.

I just wanted to touch base real quick and say. I feel AMAZING since my (QHHT) session with you (four days after). I'm still trying to process some of it. I just told my wife that our session was a pivotal point in my life.  ( This testimonial was received four days following the session.)

Gary T.

I would recommend QHHT to anyone. It was surprising.It sets you up to move forward.It gives you the opportunity to do the right things. I would highly recommend this process to those who are interested in doing self exploration,and who are searching for how to best move forward in their life on their spiritual path - absolutely. 

I would recommend Elaine highly, very highly! I wouldn't go to anyone else for this. I trust her completely. I'd do it again!

Vicki M.


I would recommend a QHHT session with Elaine to anyone who has blocks, or for anyone who is not able to get over certain things. I would also recommend a session to anyone who might want to know their Higher Self. I feel lighter. I feel like I gained clarity and healing in areas that are so deep that Couldn’t get to them myself.  (This testimonial was given directly following the session.)

Susi M.

Rindge, NH

I booked a QHHT session with Elaine. She was a very nice and compassionate person and spent well over two and a half hours with me during the interview. The session went very well and I listen to the recording several times a week for additional healing. It was also quite interesting.

I have been wanting to have a QHHT session for several years now and it finally happened - and I was in great hands. I also have to mention that I just finished a course in QHHT, level 1, so I am an intern - so having the experience was absolutely wonderful. Many thanks to Elaine for providing me with a wonderful experience. It also enabled me to see the time and care it takes to provide a session.

Lisa O'Connor

Londonderry, NH

The first time I saw Elaine San Soucie, she was dancing barefoot at the QHHT reunion. I struck up a conversation with her, and her warm, genuine smile immediately put me at ease. I honestly just wanted to give her a big hug. She embodies graceful aging and the essence of authenticity.

At that time, I had been diagnosed with stage IV metastatic kidney cancer, and the prognosis from my doctors left me feeling hopeless, angry, and burdened by regrets. The weight of my situation was unbearable, and I was desperate to find a way to cope with the looming fear of mortality.

So, I started doing some reading, it became evident that conventional medicine, while invaluable for necessary procedures, offered little in the way of coping mechanisms beyond antidepressants. I often felt like just another number in their system. I didn't matter. I longed  for answers, not just a temporary numbing of the pain with medication. I needed to understand why I had seemingly inflicted it upon myself, as I had read in various sources.

The contrast between the conventional  medical approach and that of QHHT practitioners was striking. QHHT practitioners were lle a warm embrace right from the start.  They make you feel not just important but like a crucial part of the grand plan. They teach you to trust in it all, without judgment, and show you how to find your laughter and love again. After all, laughter and love are powerful healing forces.

For me, having Elaine as my guide through QWHHT therapy meant the world. The moment we started talking, dhe said something that gave me goosebumps.We barely began, and I was already having aha moments. I trusted her from the get-go., and she expertly helped me formulate the questions that would unlock the answers I didn't realize I needed.  Elaine possesses a natural gift for empathizing with and understanding people, making them feel at ease in her presence.

I wholeheartedly recommend QHHT as a therapy to consider before any other. It requires minimal preparation, simply your questions for your Higher Self. There are no specific diets or restricted medications to worry about. It can only help, never harm. What sets QHHT apart from other healing therapies is its sbility to provide perspective and insight innto your inner self without the need for expensive prepartion or psycheleic substances.  During a QHHT session, a guide is present to support you and navigate and challenges and providing explanations when needed.

I highly recommend QHHT to everyone because it lets you take a good look at yourself without the relentless inner critic. It helps you uncover your true essence, organize your thoughts, and even while you're talking, it helps you understand yourself better. Whether you're a skeptic or in good health, young or old, sick or facing dire circumstances like myself, QHHT can be transformative.  It not only allowed me to rediscover my true self but also alleviated my night terrors, fears, and worries, transforming them into wonder.

I am living proof that this therapy saved my life.

Elaine San Soucie and QHHT gave me the gift of clarity, healing, and hope, and I am forever grateful for the profound impact it has had on my life.

Jovita Kuznecova

Chicago, IL

The QHHT session has greatly impacted my life. I wanted to thank you again. I reflect and reference my session daily. I have deep gratitude - the experience was truly a gift!

Katie M.

Concord, NH

If you've ever had an interest or felt called to experience Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, I highly recommend meeting with Elaine San Soucie to see if it's an aligned fit for you. It was a magical experience. I felt supported throughout the session and found I got a lot out of it. 10/10 - recommend

Nikki G.

Gardner, MA

My QHHT session was amazing! I wasn't sure what to expect, so I went in with gratitude for whatever was going to come through. The past life that I jumped into was that of a young man, I'm a woman in this current lifetime. The messages my Higher Self gave me was beautiful to hear when I listened tyo the recording.

When I just came out of hynosis, I couldn't remember fully, it was like waking up from a dream. But, as I listened, I laughed and cried tears of joy because what I heard my Higher Self say resonated so deeply. I even had external confirmation of my messages that I had to show to Elaine.

I feel lighter and clearer and loved. 

Thank you, Elaine, for such an incredible experience that shifted and changed me for the better.

Liz N.

Gardner, MA

I found Elaine on Facebook and started following her after seeing some of her posts. I've been interested in QHHT for a little while now and knew I needed top find someone who could assist me with a QHHT session. As soon as I started following her on Facebook, Elaine sent me a friend request. I KNEW then that Elaine was the person I was meant to have a session with. After a surprise opening in bot h of our schedules, Elaine was able to get me in quicker than I expected. 

When I met Elaine, I instantly felt her warmth and was welcomed with open arms into her office. Meeting Elaine was like meeting and catching up with an old friend, and I highly recommend anyone who is interested in exploring the unknown or even just have questions you want answered, to schedule a QHHT session with Elaine. You won't be disappointed, and will end up leaving with a new perspective and appreciation of how dedicated Elaine is to assisting others.

A QHHT session with Elaine was exactly what I needed to get my questions answered and I'm so grateful to have met Elaine.

Stephanie R.

Merrimack, NH 

It's been almost two weeks since I had  a QHHT session with Elaine San Soucie. Little was I to know that it would be a truly life-altering experience. When I went, I had a myriad of issues: grief, anger, loss and things about my past that had festered inside for decades. Her skill can't be beat! I cannot say which helped me most - hypnotism or the life story. All I can tell you is a few days after the session, I woke up free of my troubles and feeling like a new person. The air around me feels clean and clear since - I can't say how long. It's even passed on to family members. I believe my new self and attitude has changed the dynamics of my home making it a better place for all. Thank you, Elaine. You are a miracle worker.

Linda Brussiere

Rindge, NH


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