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Today, Elaine San Soucie talked about a process called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) originally developed by Dolores Cannon in 1968.  For anyone who is interested in learning more about this and having a session with Elaine please contact her.  It really is healing and life changing.


I recently had a session with Elaine and I am so glad I did. She was very professional and provided a safe and relaxing environment. Prior to the session a little prep work had to be done and Elaine gave clear instructions on what I needed to do prior to the session and what I needed to bring the day of the session.


Before the session was started we discussed why I was there and what my concerns were and what my goals were. The first part of the session was the most surprising and where the most healing occurred. I discovered blocks where I didn't even know I had blocks it was very revealing and healing at the same time. 

Kelly E.

Elaine is a hidden gem! I went to see her for a QHHT session, and the experience was incredible. Elaine was so easy to talk to, and clearly has a lot of experience working with people in many different ways.  I was guided through a profound past life experience, and was able to get some questions answered and energies cleared through my super-conscious.

After my session I noticed my connection with myself and spirit to be heightened. I feel more aware and have noticed quite a few synchronicities to validate my experience while under hypnosis. I encourage anyone reading this to try a session with Elaine - you will not be disappointed! I am grateful to have found a talented healer, and I look forward to trying out some of thee other modalities she offers.

Danielle J.

After coming to QHHT, what I expected to get out of it ended up to be something completely different. What I did receive was the recognition and awareness of the blocks that have been keeping me back, and what needed to surface in order for me to process those blocks.  Elaine was able to hold the space for me in order to clear that out so that I was able to connect more deeply into my true self and to be to gain access to my High Self to answer the long-standing questions that I’ve had.

Jackie K.

I just wanted to touch base real quick and say. I feel AMAZING since my (QHHT) session with you (four days after). I'm still trying to process some of it. I just told my wife that our session was a pivotal point in my life.  ( This testimonial was received four days following the session.)

Gary T.

I would recommend QHHT to anyone. It was surprising.It sets you up to move forward.It gives you the opportunity to do the right things. I would highly recommend this process to those who are interested in doing self exploration,and who are searching for how to best move forward in their life on their spiritual path - absolutely. 

I would recommend Elaine highly, very highly! I wouldn't go to anyone else for this. I trust her completely. I'd do it again!

Vicki M.


I would recommend a QHHT session with Elaine to anyone who has blocks, or for anyone who is not able to get over certain things. I would also recommend a session to anyone who might want to know their Higher Self. I feel lighter. I feel like I gained clarity and healing in areas that are so deep that Couldn’t get to them myself.  (This testimonial was given directly following the session.)

Susi M.


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